Much of the herd has been sold to Sunny Daze Farm.

In late Spring 2018 we realized we wanted more time to travel, and wanted to be less tied
to the farm.  So we have sold much of the herd, and plan to change management styles significantly.
We will still strive to breed competitive does that milk.

We breed Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with the primary goals
of abundant milk production and excellent conformation.

We have Linear Appraised every year since 2010 (except 2016), have milk tested every year since 2011, and show extensively in the MidAtlantic area.  We attended the ADGA National shows in 2011 in Massachusetts, 2014 in Kentucky, 2016 in Pennsylvania,and 2017 in Wisconsin.
Updated July 9, 2018
Entire herd tested CAE negative - February 2018
2017 National Show
(Does, left to right)

SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M

Total Performer
Second Place/Second Udder 5/6 Year Old
Won Both 305 Milking Awards
(For Milk Volume and Butterfat)

SG Sweet Garden DS Edelweiss 3*M
Third place/Second Udder Yearling Milker

SGCH Sweet Garden MR Floramaria 3*M
Third Place/Second Udder 3-Year Old

SGCH J-Nels HM Kookie Doe 3*M
Second Place/Third Udder Aged Doe

Group Classes
Second Place Produce of Dam (Maria and Edelweiss)
Third Place Dam and Daughter (Elise and Maria)
Fourth Place Dairy Herd  (All Four Does)

Eddie and Anita Beck
1277 Double Gate Road
Davidsonville, MD  21035