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Updated April 9, 2019
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Picture courtesy of Lil Mtn Farm
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Bright Farms CollectorsEdition *B

DOB June 29, 2017

Sire: GCH Chenango-Hills Lysander +*B, EEV 90
SGCH J-Nels ER Dumplin 2*M, VEEE 90

Sire's Sire:
GCH Rosasharn BB Tom Bombadil ++*B
Sire's Dam:
GCH Chenango-Hills Bouncie Trixie V+EE 89 

Dam's Sire:  Caesar's Villa LV Eric *S
Dam's Dam:
SGCH J-Nels BB Dimples *M, VVEE 88

Eddie is co-owned with Carissa Schneider at Sunny Daze Farm.
Lil Mtn Golden Garbanzo

DOB March 28, 2018

Sire: Cedar View Guiliano
CH Lil' Mtn Little Miss Chickpea

Sire's Sire:
CH Cedar View Ulysses *B, VEV 87
Sire's Dam: SG Cedar View Phoebe 4*M, VVVE 88

Dam's Sire:  Luv Lil Mtn TC Hummus
Dam's Dam:  Luv Lil Mtn RB Miss America *M, EEEE 91

Castle Rock Titan
DOB March 14, 2018

Caprine Acres HS Cooper
SGCH Castle Rock Nikita, EEEE 91

Sire's Sire:
CH Caprine Acres Hot Shott, EEE 91
Sire's Dam:
CH Kaapio Acres AD Carina, EEEE 92 

Dam's Sire:  SG Castle Rock Cleveland Sage +*B
Dam's Dam:
SGCH Castle Rock Annika 2*M, VEEV 88

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Picture courtesy Castle Rock