Sweet Garden MR Juniper 2*M

Pictures from October 2018 after returning to Sweet Garden.
Juniper is being milked once a day and is well into her lactation so proper body and udder pics will have to wait for next year, but you get the idea.
ADGA:  D1768856
DOB: March 25, 2014
LA 2018 - VEEV 88
Linear Appraisal Height at Four-Years Old - 20"

Sire:  Dragonfly SOL Maurice Ravel +B
Dam:  Meadowsweet Blue SOL Mayflower *M, V+VV 86
(yearling score)

Sire's Sire:  Algedi Farm MH Solaris

Sire's Dam:  SG Dragonfly G Chickadee, VEEE 89

Dam's Sire:  Painted Pepper RJ Soleil *B
Dam's Dam: Dawnland Sea's May Day
Juniper returned to Sweet Garden as a second-freshening
four-year old in October 2018.  She has been appraised and has her AR milkstar, but has not yet been shown.
Look for her at the 2019 local shows.
Juniper and her dam have especially large, milkable, well-placed teats with large orifices.  The milk pours out.
We think Juniper is a great addition to the Sweet Garden herd and we
are thrilled to be able to welcome her back home.

Kidding History

2017 - Triplets, Two Does and One Buck
2018 - Quads, Three Bucks and One Doe

Linear Appraisal

2018 - VEEV 88

Show History
(ADGA Sanctioned Grands, Reserves, and major competitions)
Juniper has not yet been shown. 
Look for her at the 2019 shows

Meadowsweet Blue SOL Mayflower, Juniper's Dam
Pictured as a first freshening yearling
Unfortunately Mayflower suffered a leg injury sometime
after this photo was taken and was retired from showing.
She has a beautiful udder with large, well-placed teats
and a strong medial.

Dragonfly SOL Vireo, EVVE 91
Sire's Full Sister

Photos courtesy of Dragonfly Farm.

Dragonfly G Chickadee, Juniper's Paternal Granddam

Photo courtesy of Joanne Karohl, Dragonfly Farm
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