Old Mountain Farm Patriot

Patriot is Sold.

Photo by Anita Beck

Picture from June 8, 2013

ADGA:   D1584574
DOB:  February 20, 2012
LA 2013 - V++ 85

Sire:  Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos, VEE 90
Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Wirosa

Sire's Sire:  NC Promisedland Tur-Beau *B +S
Sire's Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn

Dam's Sire:  Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer +B E, V+E 86
Dam's Dam:  Old Mountain Farm Tulip *M, VEEE 90

Although Patriot was recruited for Sweet Garden because of his incredibly strong udder genetics, and the quality and conformation of his relatives, check out the pictures
below of his parents and grandparents.
  He should really throw some colorful kids!

Linear Appraisal
LA 2013 - V++ 85

Show History

Old Mountain Farm Wirosa, Patriot's dam.

                                        Photo by Wyl Smith.
            Old Mountain Farm Cernunnos, Patriot's sire.

                                      Photo by Wyl Smith

   Old Mountain Farm Tulip, Patriot's Maternal Granddam.

Old Mountain Farm Tianna Quinn, Patriot's Paternal Granddam.

                            Photo by Wyl Smith.                                     Photo courtesy of the Sides Family.                                                                
      Dawnland Tabby's Maritimer E    NC Promisedland Tur-Beau *B +S
       Patriot's Maternal Grandsire          Patriot's Paternal Grandsire
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All Pictures above taken by Cheryle Moore-Smith except as noted
and are courtesy ot Old Mountain Farm.