SG Sweet Garden DS Edelweiss 3*M
2017 ADGA Nationals
3rd Place Yearling with 2nd Udder

Left picture at the 2017 Nationals, Foreudder pic in June at LA,
rear udder shot from the MDGA June Doe Show where she was
Reserve Grand Champion.
ADGA:  D1785529
DOB: April 7, 2016
LA 2017 - V++V 85
Linear Appraisal Height at One-Year Old - 21"

Sire:  J-Nels L Double Stuf
SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M, VEEE 90

Sire's Sire:  Rosasharn SH Legend *B

Sire's Dam:  GCH J-Nels LY Holy Tara 4*M

Dam's Sire:  Fairlea Prince Rainier *B
Dam's Dam: 
ARMCH Greenville Acres Ester *M

Simply beautiful daughter out of my top performing doe, SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M.  Della freshened for the first time at just 13 months of age with a lovely udder.  She is very smoothly blended, her shiny black coat contributing to the effect.  She stands on lovely feet and legs and is very level over the topline with a level, wide rump.  Watch for Della at the local shows in 2018 where she will work towards her SGCH. 

Kidding History

2017 - Twin bucks
2018 - Quints - Four bucks, One doe

Linear Appraisal

2017 - V++V 85

Show History
(ADGA Sanctioned Grands, Reserves, and major competitions)

Reserve Grand Champion - June 24, 2017
Judge Tom Cox
MDGA Three-Ring Doe Show
West Friendship, Maryland

2017 ADGA Nationals
Third Place Yearling Milker with Second Place Udder
Part of Fourth Place Dairy Herd
Second Place Produce of Dam

SGCH Fairlea Elise 2*M,
Della's dam
See Elise's page for all of her accomplishments.

ARMCH Greenville Acres Ester *M
Della's Maternal Granddam
At the 2011 ADGA National Show Ester was second place five-year old behind the Reserve National Champion.
Photos courtesy of Fairlea.

GCH J-Nels LY Holy Tara, 4*M
Della's Paternal Granddam

Photo courtesy of John and Judy Nelson
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